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Fresh Vietnamese Spring Rolls

The freshness of the vegetables, coupled with our savoury Hei Bee hiam and the bounciness of glass noodles, you will definitely feel a splash of modern Vietnam. Seize this opportunity to have a fun-filled bonding session with your loved ones, while preparing scrumptious food with a simple recipe. 


Thank you @jeanrin.yanling for the recipe and visual!


  1. Carrot (1 Cup)

  2. Cucumber (1 Cup)

  3. Romaine Lettuce (1 Cup)

  4. Our Signature Hei Bee Hiam (3 Tablespoon)

  5. Rice paper (12 Pieces)

  6. Crabstick (1 Cup)

  7. Glass Noodles (1 Cup)

  8. Sesame Sauce (2 Tablespoon)


  • Assemble ingredients in room temperature. 

  • Rinse carrot, cucumber, and romaine lettuce with water twice.

  • Grate carrots and cucumbers.

  • Soak glass noodles in hot water for 10 mins or until softened.

  • Boil a pot of water and turn off the stove once boiled.

  • Place crabstick in the boiled water.

  • Fill a shallow plate with lukewarm water and dip one sheet of rice paper each time.

  • Lay the softened rice paper on a flat surface and spread our Hei Bee Hiam first.

  • Then, layer all the ingredients on the rice paper.

  • Fold, roll, and plate the finished spring roll. 

  • Serve with sesame sauce.

Try cooking various vegetables and let us know which vegetable suit our Hei Bee Hiam most! Document and share with us some pictures too. 

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